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Roodhouse Public Library Board Minutes

Board Minutes from the Board Meeting
  1.  Roodhouse Public Library
    Board of Trustees Meeting

Regular Meeting

November 19, 2013

The Meeting was called to order by President, Jeanne Bettis at 5:30 P.M. with the following members also in attendance: Michael Harper, Bruce Vortman,Beth Burrus,Carolyn Camp, Sharon Patterson,David Mead, Beth Huffines, Librarian.

Secretary's Report: It was resolved that the minutes of the October regular meeting be adopted as presented on a motion by Mead second by Camp.

Librarians Report: Ms. Huffines reported the following:

A.  We need a policy on the Conceal and Carry Law. Phil Lenzini suggests the model given.

B. A policy is also needed on on cigarettes. The Librarian has given a policy she composed after looking at some other libraries policies.

C.  EBooks are coming and Beth thinks we should accept the deal of $390.per year. This is an easier and cheaper deal than before.

D. The telephone poll for the Miller Bid was a unanimous Yes. Mike and Beth signed the bid and paid the down payment.

E. Ideas are needed for the Christmas in the Park and the front Barrel. 

F. Items for the animal shelters will be collected through December. 

G. 127 letters have been sent out asking people to pay their fines. Letters were only sent to patrons owing more than $1.00. Since the Mayor's letter we have had $119.49 paid. 22 letters were returned.

H. We need to contact an electrician for the outside lights.

I. Beth reported that her husband has been ill. Carole filled in when Beth has needed to be gone. 

 Financial Report: The financial report was given by Mike Harper. It was resolved that it be accepted as written on a motion by Burrus, second by Patterson.

Reports of Committees:

Finance Committee: Our e-rate has been applied to our Frontier bill.We should be seeing a lower bill. We get 80% of our phone and internet back

Unfinished Business: Huffines will talk to Mr. Miller about the building concerns in the basement.

The Christmas Book & Bake Sale will be Saturday, December 7, from 9-noon. Jeanne will advertise the evernt. Donations of baked goods or craft items should be brought to the Library on Friday afternoon or from 8-8:30 on Saturday.

New Business: A motion was made by Burrus, second by Harper to participate in Christmas in the Park on December 13. We are considering handing out booksto children that night.

A motion was made by Camp, second by Mead to accept Policies A and B.(Concel Carry & Cigarette Policies). Motion carried.

A motion was made by Burrus, second by Patterson to accept the $390.00 per year ebook rate. Motion carried. The Librarian handed out information on the way to check out books this way.

We discussed having a write off policy for fines. Beth will draw up a sample policy for us.

We decided to call the City of Roodhouse to have them check the outside lights. Perhaps the Electrical Dept. can fix these lights. If not, an outside electrician will be called.

Public  and Audience Comments: None

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Patterson. Second by Mead. Motion carried . Meeting was ajourned at 6:30 P.M.

                                                                 Respectfully submitted,

 Beth Burrus                                                                                                                             Acting  Secretary