Roodhouse Public Library

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Roodhouse Public Library Board Meeting

Regular Meeting, held October 13, 2015

Roll Call:The meeting was called to order by  at 5:30 p.m. Board Members  Bruce Vortman, Mike Harper, Carolyn Camp ,Leslie Dossett and David Mead were in attendance. Also present was Beth Huffines, Librarian. Jeanne Bettis and Beth Burrus joined the meeting at 5:40. Elaine Bugos was absent.

Minutes:  Minutes were approved as read on a motion byCamp,  seconded by Burrus and passed unanimously it was resolved that the minutes of Sept. 2015 regular meeting be adopted as presented. Final Action..

Director's Report: Ms. Huffines reported the following:

A.  Huffines passed out two items to the board; a calendar for the 2016 meeting dates and information about classes the trustees could take for free on line. .

B. Huffines explained that she checked with city hall and they comfirmed that an increase for about 3% was approved for us. That is the largest increase allowed without a vote aince we live in a tax cap county.

C.  The new circ computers have been installed by C & C Computers. They were paid for with donations.

D. The new books on different countries have been bought and were paid for with a donation from Monica Dawdy.

E. Huffines would like to close the library during the Thanksgiving holiday on Thanksgiving Day, Friday and Saturday. She stated that the library gets very little use on those days.

F.  Huffines states that she has been working on the new website for the library and it should be up and running very soon.

G.  The IL state Library as well as IHLS have reported that all grants are currently unfunded, that in cludes the Per Capita and Equalization grants, that we get, that helps our budget. They have said that they don't know when or if they will be funded but we should fill the grant requests out as normal.

H.  The Sesquicentennial Commettee has ask us to be  sponsor.

 I.  Huffines states that Fridays after five o'clock the library has had no patrons for several weeks. She would like to close at five instead of six. She would not be adding the extra hour to another day.

 J.  An issue with new releases has come up. Should we allow WhiteHall patrons continue to check out our new releases if WH does not allow our patrons do the same.

Financial Report And Approval of Expenditures:

 Mr.Harper presented the financial report. Harper explained moving money from savings into checking and he reported that we received our second tax check of the year. The report was accepted as written on a motion by Burrus, seconded by Mead.

Reports of Committees: 

Finance: Nothing to report

Building and Grounds: Huffines reported that Mr. Shoemaker can and fixed the breezeway lights.

Other: Is there to be a bake and book sale in December?

Unfinished Business: Nothing to report.

New Business: It was decided that we caon not make a donation to the Sesquicentennial because our finances are so tight. We will continue to support them in others ways as we have been doing. Motion by Burrus, 2nd by Vortman.

Burrus mad the motion, second by Mead to try closing on Fridays at 5:00 PM and see how it works. If there are complaints, etc. we can reopen until six.

It was decided to table the new release issue until Huffines had a chance to speak to the WH librarian.

It was decided to have a book and bake sale on December 5 from 9:00 to Noon. Motion by Burrus, 2nd by Dossett.

Other Business:

Public and Audience Comments:

Adjournment: The meeting was ajourned at 6:30 on a motion by Harper, seconded by Camp.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Huffines,  Acting Secretary