Roodhouse Public Library

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Roodhouse Public Library Board

Regular Meeting: December 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Jeanne Bettis at 5:30 PM

Roll call: Mike Harper, Bruce Vortman, Jeanne Bettis, Sharon Sitton, Carolyn Camp, Sharon Patterson, and Beth Burrus. Librarian Beth Huffines was also in attendance. Board Members David Mead and Julie Teno were absent.

Minutes:The November minutes were approved as read and approved on a motion by Patterson, seconded by Camp.

 Staff Report:Ms. Huffines presented the following to the board:

A.  Our Treasurer must be bonded according to (75ILCS 16/30-45(e)) for 50% of the previous year's revenues. The city has changed insurance carriers and now the entire board is bonded.

B.  There have been questions about background checks for anyone with the ability to sign checks. We will not be doing these unless the insurance demands it.

C.  Mr. Shewmaker and Stanley Door have been called to look at the needs. The door does not close at times. The ballast is broken on 2 lights (cost $200 for each and $50 for bulbs). A photo cell is also needed.

D.  The Book, Bake, and Craft sale was a success. We made over $853.90.

E.  Librarian Beth will be out of town for the funeral of her mother-in-law for a few days this week. Services  are in Arkansas.

F.  Plenty of books are ready for give away at the Christmas in the Park on Friday, December 13. Volunteers are needed to work from 4:30 on.

G.  The door was fixed on Friday.

 Financial Report: The financial report was accepted as presented by Mr. Harper, treasurer. Motion to accept treasurer's report by Burrus, seconded by Patterson. Motion Carried.

Reports of Committees:  No reports

Unfinished Business: Board members signed up for times to work at Christmas In The Park.

It was discussed that we need to find a new Board Member.

New Business: A policy is needed for Solicitation in the Library.

We are working on a list of services available in our area.

Christmas bonus was discussed and set at $225. for Librarian Beth and $150 for assistant Carole Wells on a motion by Patterson, second by Camp.

Adjournment: The meeting was ajourned on a motion by Patterson seconded by Camp. Meeting ajourned 6:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Burrus, Secretary