A little information about us!

Roodhouse Public Library opened its door's on May 20,1926! It was made possible by donations of many types.

It has grown so much since then, rooms have been added, computers, e-books,automated checking in and out of items,

large print books, magazines and audio books.  If we don't have a book in our library you would like to read, we can order it from any state in the USA and also from some other countries.

Carole Wells, Assistant Librarian and myself, Beth Harp Huffines, Library director, work extremely hard to make Roodhouse Public Library

everything our patron's need and want. We can help you write a resume, apply for jobs on line, we can Fax, we can help you file for unemployment, help do many things for Social Security, we help with Circuit Brakers, laminate items and just help with finding something on the internet for you!! We can also help you find and check out books!!

Come Check Us Out!!!